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Blakery Drops Empowering New Track “GRACE”



Detroit’s own Blakery is back with a bang, delivering his latest single “GRACE” — a track that’s as inspiring as it is infectious. Known for his raw and authentic style, Blakery has been making waves in the hip-hop scene since 2016, and “GRACE” is yet another testament to his evolving artistry and relentless drive.

The magic of “GRACE” lies in its simplicity. The beat, anchored by a hauntingly beautiful piano sample, sets the stage for Blakery’s seamless flow and razor-sharp lyrics. It’s a beat that demanded a shift from his usual style, pushing him to explore new lyrical territories. The result? A track that’s both refreshingly different and deeply personal.

Blakery’s journey is the stuff of legend. Starting from his basement studio, he’s climbed his way to recognition with sheer grit and talent. The lyrics of “GRACE” are a nod to this journey — a narrative of hard work, resilience, and unshakeable self-belief. Lines like “I worked so hard to get this far they said that I was lucky / I always strived to be the best I saw no one above me” capture the essence of his hustle and determination.

But “GRACE” isn’t just about Blakery’s past; it’s a motivational anthem for anyone facing their own battles. He’s turned his trials and tribulations into fuel for his art, creating a track that encourages listeners to rise above their circumstances. “Give up never / Only change is the weather / Trials and tribulations / That’s what made me a beast” — these lines hit hard, reminding us that greatness often comes from enduring and overcoming adversity.

What sets Blakery apart is his ability to blend relatable storytelling with a unique sound. His influences — Earl Sweatshirt, XXXTENTACION, and A$AP Rocky — are evident, yet he brings something entirely his own to the table. With three albums and over ten singles under his belt, Blakery has already accumulated more than two million streams, a testament to his growing fanbase and undeniable talent.

“GRACE” is a track that demands attention. It’s a blend of hypnotic beats and poignant lyrics that stays with you long after the music stops. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to Blakery’s work, this single is sure to resonate on multiple levels.

Blakery continues to prove that he’s a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop world, and with “GRACE,” he’s only just getting started. Don’t miss out on this powerful track that’s bound to be on repeat for weeks to come. Stream below:

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We Speak Indie Artist

Vincent Van Great’s “Thee Vibes” – A Laid-Back Anthem Of Self-Assured Independence




Vincent Van Great has once again proven his musical versatility with his latest single, “Thee Vibes,” a self-produced R&B track that radiates confidence and a luxurious, carefree lifestyle. Released alongside a vibrant music video, “Thee Vibes” is part of his new project, Ladies Please. This track is a testament to Vincent’s prowess as a producer, singer, and rapper, and it further solidifies his position as a dynamic force in the music industry.

From the first beat, “Thee Vibes” captivates with its smooth, laid-back rhythm, setting the perfect tone for a track that’s all about embracing individuality and the joy of living life on your own terms. Vincent Van Great, known for his ability to effortlessly blend different musical styles, has created a song that feels both fresh and timeless. The chorus, with its repetitive yet infectious “It’s a vibe, It’s a vibe,” immediately pulls listeners into a state of relaxed euphoria.

The lyrics of “Thee Vibes” celebrate a self-assured and independent lifestyle. Lines like “I got a vibe you ain’t never seen, Big body in my own lane” and “Trinidad James gold everything, but ain’t never bought a wedding ring” highlight Vincent’s confidence and commitment to living authentically. The song is a declaration of enjoying life’s pleasures without the constraints of societal expectations or relationships that demand too much. The recurring theme of “just wanting the vibe” over “needing love” underscores a prioritisation of personal joy and freedom.

Reflecting on the creative process behind “Thee Vibes,” Vincent shared that his production always starts with crafting the beat. The laid-back groove of the track was the perfect canvas for him to build upon, leading to an organic flow of lyrics that celebrate life’s simple yet profound pleasures. Collaborating with his close friend Mac Hefner, the song came together seamlessly, embodying the effortless vibe it seeks to convey.

The music video for “Thee Vibes” complements the track perfectly, visually representing the song’s themes of luxury, freedom, and individuality. With a cool and stylish aesthetic, the video enhances the song’s laid-back vibe, making it a complete sensory experience.

“Thee Vibes” is now available on all major digital platforms, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in Vincent Van Great’s world of chill beats and confident declarations. As Vincent continues to rise in the music scene, this track is a clear indicator that he’s here to stay, bringing his unique vibe to every project he touches.

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