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We Speak Music56 seconds ago

Messiah Of Madness drops Big Jerm produced “Crown Royal Bag”

 Grime-Boss The Messiah Of Madness returns with a new video / new single!  “Crown Royal Bag” is some next-level horrorcore with no...

We Speak Music18 hours ago

Deelyrik: The Creative Director and Artist Redefining Hip-Hop

Introduction In the ever-changing landscape of hip-hop, few artists have managed to leave a lasting impact on the industry. Deelyrik,...

We Speak Music1 day ago

Dios Negasi drops new single “Harem”

One-man wrecking crew Dios Negasi returns!  The emcee/producer dropped his new single “Harem” this morning.  Braggadocious boom-bap to the hilt,...

We Speak Music1 day ago

Discover Hotel Mira’s Latest Hit: “The View From The Barstool”

Get ready to add a new favorite to your playlist because Hotel Mira is back with their electrifying new single,...

We Speak Hip-Hop2 days ago

Blakk North and Gino Black Release Powerful New Hip-Hop Anthem “THE UNEXPECTED”

Worldwide – July 15, 2024 – Independent hip-hop artists Blakk North and Gino Black proudly announce the release of their...

We Speak Music2 days ago

JAIZE Delivers Masterful Tune ‘nostalgia64’

Rising music artist, JAIZE is a musician who blends autotune vocals with engaging instrumentation, creating an immersive listening experience that...

We Speak Music2 days ago

Lady Da Flame Delivers Masterful Tune ‘PUSH’

Lady Da Flame unveils her polished new single ‘PUSH’. Showcasing artistic maturity, the song showcases her unwavering dedication to her...

We Speak Music2 days ago

Eole Delivers Masterful Tune ‘Chanel’

French singer Maxence Janvrin, best known by his stage name Eole, just had his hit song ‘Chanel’ published on Enchanté...

We Speak Electronic3 days ago

batmanka & Vintej present a fresh deep house jam: “Q Haus”

Berlin’s vibrant music scene welcomes a fresh deep house jam with “Q Haus” by batmanka & Vintej, released on viceversa.kollectiv....

We Speak Entertainment3 days ago

The Maestro of Hip-Hop: Capmakemgroove’s Rise to Musical Mastery

In the dynamic world of hip-hop, few artists have managed to leave an indelible mark on the industry. Capmakemgroove, aka...