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Ronzoni Hines Delivers Masterful Tune ‘Last Night’



Ronzoni Hines unveils his polished new single ‘Last Night’. Showcasing artistic maturity, the song showcases his unwavering dedication to his craft, while emerging himself into extraordinary new artistic heights.

Ronzoni Hines’ captivating vocals and superb instrumentation abound in this song. He takes listeners to a place where fragility and resilience coexist in the soundscape. With his seamless dedication to his craft and variety, he is sure to make an impression on listeners.

‘Last Night’ is the ideal way to get a taste of his fascinating sound as fans become excited about his upcoming EP. Ronzoni Hines is back in the spotlight with this song, and given his talent, we can’t wait to hear more from him.

When asked about the inspiration behind this new single, Ronzoni Hines has the following to say;

“‘Last Night’ is about the powerful emotions and intimate moments shared between two people. It’s a snapshot of a fleeting yet intense encounter that leaves a lasting impression. The song captures the excitement, vulnerability, and passion that come with getting close to someone, even if just for a night. For me, the song represents the beauty of those moments when you feel a deep connection, however brief it may be. It’s deliberately vague about the specifics of what happened, allowing listeners to project their own experiences and emotions onto the song. This openness is what makes it special to me, as it becomes a shared experience between the artist and the audience.”

Long after ‘Last Night’ has ended, it will linger long after as it’s a memorable release. Therefore, the single is a tune for you if you’re looking for something captivating to add to your music library.

We Speak Music

Kingdom Kome x RUEN drop new single / video with “Money On My Mind”



Kingdom Kome has “Money On My Mind” in his newest single & video.  Out now via all digital streaming services the track features vocalist Charlie St. Clout and smoky production (courtesyof producer/DJ RUEN).  Filmed in downtown Miami (by D. Sakolsky for Gusto Gold Productions), the visuals exemplify the glamorous opulence of the rhyme hustler on his native soil.  Speaking on the addition of Charlie St. Clout to the track, the emcee relayed “she’s an amazing talent, we linked up in the studio and literally within 20 minutes we had a complete track.”

“Money On My Mind” is the latest single to drop from the Kingdom Kome X RUEN collaborative Malbec 2 LP (which will be officially released this Friday 7/19).  Fifteen tracks deep the duo have already leaked five singles (with accompanying videos) featuring notable guest features from Planet Asia, Niko Is, Asun Eastwood, Che Uno Salazar El Tabaquero (links appear below).

Watch official video for “Argentina Coke” ft. Niko Is: 

Watch official video for “We So Fresh” ft. Salazar El Tabaquero:

Watch official video for “Zip ‘Em Up” ft. Planet Asia”:

Watch official video for “Buen Provecho”:

Watch official video for “Crush Grapes”:

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