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“Strange Love” Star-Studded Movie Premiere Held In Atlanta Brought To You By Megamind Media And Kountry Wayne Ent



Carlos Stephenson/The Icing Agency

The “Strange Love movie premiere was one for the books. When you first walked in to the Regal Hollywood movie theatre in Chamblee, Ga you saw a full house of lovely dressed people of color scouring about the theater. There was a red carpet rolled out infront of the movie poster, surrounded by camera men, flashing lights, and interviewers holding microphones.

The cast of the movie showed up and showed out. For many of them this was their first movie and they handled the carpet with professionalism and grace. It was a star studded event with familiar faces such as Michael Anthony, and the lead of the movie Kountry Wayne. As well as the appearance of many up and coming actors within the rest of the cast. Kountry Wayne admitted to “Strange Love” being his first leading role and he was excited for his future in acting as he quoted, “I’m not stopping.” But his proud moment was the ability to put his co-stars in the position to achieve their dreams of acting.

He says, “it feels good to allow other people to come through this door of entertainment and to see the cast shine and get this moment means a lot to me.” In honor of the month of love and black history month, we love to see a black king paving the way for his fellow people. This movie premiere was a perfect display of black excellence at its finest and we are sure to see more from these talented people in the near future.

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Celebrating Female Filmmakers On International Women’s Day With SheDoesFilmz



Official film history often forgets about female directors, says Julie Des, the founder of SheDoesFilmz, a subscription service featuring solely female-directed films. She’s hoping to remedy that, and during the week of 4-11 March, new subscribers will get a 50% discount on annual membership, to mark International Women’s Day. Julie says: “For the price of two coffees a month, you can receive a regular, curated collection of female films selected by the best global festivals.”

The online platform, which features award-winning films from around the world, was set up in 2018 to highlight brilliant women in film. Julie says:

“SheDoesFilmz aims to build a community of film lovers who will help progress the search for past and current talent and bring these talented works to the world.” 

According to a study in Slate magazine, women-directed films suffer from 67% lower distribution than other movies. Julie said: “This means women are making all these movies that are amazing and get to festivals, but then don’t get distributed. Part of our analysis is that some institutions go for easy picks, wanting to avoid topics that are too bold or female-focused. We are more interested in those – the movies that are a bit shocking, different. 

“Many of our movies are about topics which you wouldn’t expect or you don’t usually see. As a society we have to actively work towards representation in all fields, but particularly in the arts and film. It’s work we’re proud to be leading!”

SheDoesFilmz shows a rotating collection of festival films directed by women, which can be hard to see elsewhere. Past gems include Nelly Kaplan’s iconic ‘nouvelle vague’ films. SheDoesFilmz selects movies from across all genres and Julie says she’s inspired by the “pure cinephile joy” of watching wonderful films:

“What a shame to ever have missed them! This is the real passion behind the platform – discovering and sharing incredible films.”

When asked to recommend a couple of films that are currently on the site, Julie mentions the Sundance Film Festival-winning documentary ‘Half The Picture’, which is, appropriately enough, about the gender gap in Hollywood. The movie features interviews with successful female directors, including Ava DuVernay, Lena Dunham, Jill Soloway, Rosanna Arquette and Gina Prince-Bythewood, asking them about their career paths, challenges and aims for the future.

‘Half The Picture’ documentary poster

Another must-watch is ‘Microhabitat’, by South Korean director Jeon Go-woon. Julie says: “It’s a super-fun, quirky film about a thirty-something woman in Seoul who’s in love with whisky and cigarettes! It was a huge festival favourite, winning over 10 awards.” And Julie says that she’s looking forward to adding to new festival  acclaimed Ecuadorian film about a prostitute seeking revenge, ‘La Mala Noche’ and Chinese festival favourite ‘Girls Always Happy’ about the symbiotic relationship between a mother and her daughter in Beijing.

To find out more about SheDoesFilmz and subscribe, visit:

Featured photo credit: AvaDuVernay, ‘Half The Picture’ documentary. Photo by Soraya Selene

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