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'Top 5' Weekly Music Round-Up

We Speak Media | ‘Top 5’ Weekly Music Round-Up (29.03.24)



Find the latest new music in our ‘Top 5’ weekly music round-up here at We Speak Media. In this weekly feature, we will be bringing you the hottest new acts and music out there.

Angie Perera ‘Rent’

Angie Perera, a singer-songwriter, offers a new viewpoint to the music industry. Her debut hit, “Rent,” has pop and R&B influences. Her song showcases her powerful story and emotional depth, and it has the potential to connect with audiences worldwide. She is positioned to have a big impact on the music industry because of her distinctive sound and message, which connects with listeners.

Belanu ‘Watching You Again’

Gen Z rock music becomes tangible by Swiss musician Belanu. “Watching You Again,” his brand-new hit, marks his comeback. It’s an upbeat production of alternative and indie rock with drums, bass, and guitar. Belanu’s seductive voice is combined with a sincere instrumentation. The track is a song that not only displays Belanu’s musical ability but also his genuineness, passion, and dedication to artistic growth. His most recent work, which complements his whole musical record to date, demonstrates his artistry.

Julian Roy ‘Speak My Mind’

Julian Roy’s genre-bending music is a constant source of inspiration for musicians. The song “Speak My Mind” is about reaching out to someone when you feel like you should be in a relationship but are sick of skirting the subject of emotions. It showcases his unrivaled knack for blending engaging instruments with meaningful lyricism and reflects the root of his love of music, evoking elements of modern R&B, indie-pop, alternative, singer-songwriter, electronica, Neo-Soul, and experimental World Beat.

Vimbai Rose ‘Colour In Grey’

“Colour In Grey” demonstrates Vimbai-Rose’s exquisite fusion of neo-soul and R&B music. Drums, bass, guitar, and keys are included in the song’s laid-back vibe. Her easygoing voice complements the production. As soon as she heard the beat, which was produced by Mokart, she freestyled the hook. The song was written while she and her producer, Trezzor, were in the studio. She added a beat that they had been playing repeatedly to fill in the song. She never fails to enthrall audiences with her neo-soul and R&B blend. Every note of her captivating musical journey is infused with her passion for music and dedication to her craft, leaving listeners eagerly expecting the next installment.

Nola Mann ‘Moon’

Nola Mann, a creative person who aspires to establish a closer connection with her audience, demonstrates the transparency and honesty of her music in “Moon.” Her enticing voice and captivating instrumentation evoke strong feelings in the listener. It combines folk, country, and R&B sounds in a captivating way to transport the listener to a surreal story filled with universal themes, pop cultural references, and cinematic allusions.

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'Top 5' Weekly Music Round-Up

We Speak Media | ‘Top 5’ Weekly Music Round-Up (12.04.24)



Find the latest new music in our ‘Top 5’ weekly music round-up here at We Speak Media. In this weekly feature, we will be bringing you the hottest new acts and music out there.

BIRTHE ‘Boy Bye’

As she gets ready for her biggest year as an artist to date, BIRTHE’s discography speaks for itself. She demonstrates her flexibility as a singer with this captivating single, which smoothly blends pop and R&B components to take listeners to a world of seductive soundscapes. Written from the perspective of the one being cheated on, it’s an uplifting song about cheating in a relationship. Her record of achievement is impressive, and in 2024, it is anticipated that she will continue to succeed in the music business.

FEYEN ‘Love And Not War’

FEYEN’s latest offering ‘Love And Not War’ is a pop release that embodies an energising vibe and immerses listeners in captivating soundscapes. It began more as a “pop-rock/80th/Tina Turner/Beverly Hills/song,” but over time, it evolved into this intriguing pop tune. Terri Bjerre and Jens Gad collaborated on the production of “Love And Not War.” FEYEN’s mesmerising vocals are upliftingly paired with an instrumental composition that features drums, guitar, and synths to produce a unique and entrancing sound.

ODO ‘Oh My Mind’

With their intriguing sound, ODO is making their way into the music world. The song’s melancholy lyrics about wanting help and being afraid to ask for it are accompanied by an upbeat, simple guitar tune. Their passion for music and commitment to their art are evident in every note, which leaves listeners eagerly awaiting the next thrilling development in their enthralling musical journey.

Anya Nami ‘Bread’

Emerging pop artist Anya Nami is a force to be reckoned with thanks to her enthralling songs. She is well-known for being a mysterious and youthful rising vocalist from Eastern Europe. This song, which was inspired by bread, is a pleasant addition to her catalogue. This unique music, which showcases her accomplishment and the reason the song became viral, has an enticing pop dance tempo.

President Elect ‘Pretence Feat. Holda Sek’

Emerging indie-rockers President Elect, who have quickly gained recognition as a tight, dynamic, and in-demand live outfit, release a catchy new song called “Pretence,” which is taken from their upcoming EP “You’ve Gotta Lot of Nerve Believing in Me.” It’s their best work to date, combining lively guitar-led musicianship with catchy choruses.

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