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Ari Martin is aiming for another “VICTORY”!



VICTORY” is an aspirational song. During a recent interview, Ari Martin described it as having a deeper meaning for him. It is inspired by his life experiences, accomplishments and overall challenges that have taught him how to keep striving for greatness. Ari Martin also says, “I allow no one to affect the warrior within me.” Consequently, the vibration and mood of “VICTORY” has the ability to make the same impact on listeners who may be experiencing similar struggles and may be facing hurdles and obstacles to bring out the warrior within themselves as well. That fact that this is an instrumental song means it has more potential to attract more listeners who may be passive music lovers, but like to reflect and think about their lives while listening to music as background ambience Additionally, “VICTORY” has the appear of it fits perfectly into a early evening nightlife lounge setting. Ari Martin producers the kind of music you might hear in the evening at a Happy Hour bar or cigar lounge.

Ari Martin was born, raised and is currently based in Cincinnati, Ohio and he creates R&B, Soul, Pop and Dance instrumentals. His style of music is grown, sexy and made for adults who still like to party and have a good time. His production style is slick dance-able grooves that cater to a mature class of listeners. He is eager to let listeners enjoy his instrumental recordings, but also is looking forward to producing records for other recording artists. He intends on being the go to producer for modern R&B/Pop music. It’s happy hour music!

Ari Martin also has a recently released album called, “Thoughts and Ideas”; which is out now! It’s a collection of smooth grooves and charming melodies.
Follow Ari Martin on IG: @mr_ari_martin

The track was Produced by: Ari Martin
The track was Written and Arranged by: Ari Martin
The track was Mixed by: Ari Martin Mastered by: Gino Black
The track is Published by: THE MARTIN FAMILY [ASCAP]


Label: Grown Up Music, LLC

Marketing & Distribution: POWERBLAST WORLDWIDE

VICTORY“ is available for quick and easy sync licensing opportunities.

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Danny Polo releases new Spanglish single ‘Gundam’




This is a picture of Danny Polo illustrating the release of his new single Gundam.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the evocative Spanglish lyrics of Danny Polo‘s latest release: Gundam.

Delving into themes of desire and connection, this new single was co-written with Sebastian Ferreira, to narrate the timeless tale of a distant rendezvous, where Danny embraces the fleeting yet intoxicating allure of a transient lover.

Raised in Nashville but now living in Los Angeles, the American independent artist enters a new era that shows him determined to infuse his Latin roots into his rnb in a language that usually makes urban music lovers dance with its reggaeton or trap. He has indeed recently traveled back and forth to Colombia, immersing himself in the cultural tapestry that now fuels his artistic expression more than ever. And it seems this new cocktail is already making waves as Gundam is now highlighted in Spotify’s flagship playlist Fresh Finds R&B!

And this is only the beginning as Danny Polo is gearing up to release more singles throughout the year!

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