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Ari Martin’s “Spanish Groove” makes your body move!



Ari Martin has just dropped his latest digital single, “Spanish Groove,” an upbeat instrumental dance track infused with trap beats and Latin-flavored guitars and horns. This track is a perfect fit for the Miami Beach nightlife scene, with its infectious rhythm designed to get you moving on the dance floor. The spicy elements of “Spanish Groove” cater to the urban Latin culture, Caribbean communities, and hip-hop enthusiasts alike.

Ari Martin, an instrumental producer, has been making waves since joining Powerblast Worldwide in November 2023. He has consistently released new singles every month, including hits like “Vibe With Me,” “In the Moment,” “Victory,” and “Amped Up.Ari is determined to make his mark in the music industry with his unique blend of multi-genre hip-hop, R&B, pop, dance, and world music.

Born, raised, and currently based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Ari Martin creates R&B, soul, pop, and dance instrumentals. His music style is mature and sophisticated, tailored for adults who still enjoy partying and having a good time. Ari‘s production style features slick, dance-able grooves that appeal to a refined audience. He aims to be the go-to producer for modern R&B and pop music, crafting what he calls “happy hour music.”

In addition to his singles, Ari Martin has previously released an album titled “Thoughts and Ideas,” a collection of smooth grooves and charming melodies. This album showcases his ability to create captivating instrumental recordings and highlights his potential as a producer for other recording artists.

Check out Ari Martin‘s “Spanish Groove” today and let the rhythm take you to the dance floor!

Follow Ari Martin on IG: @mr_ari_martin

The track was Produced by: Ari martin
The track was Written and Arranged by: Ari Martin
The track was Mixed by: Ari Martin
The track was Mastered by: Gino Black
The track is Published by:
Marketing & Distribution: POWERBLAST WORLDWIDE

Spanish Groove“ is available for quick and easy sync licensing opportunities
[email protected]

We Speak Latin

Vale! ULB Teams Up with Mayito for ‘Sube El Nivel’ Salsa Remix



In a collision of cultures and beats, Vale! ULB, the Latin music sensation, has teamed up with the legendary four-time Grammy Award winner, Juan Mario “Mayito” Aracil, to deliver a scintillating salsa remix of their debut single ‘Sube El Nivel’. Bursting onto the scene with their original track, Vale! ULB captured hearts and hips alike with their infectious melodies and empowering lyrics. Now, they’re ready to take their sound to the next level, infusing it with the timeless rhythms of salsa while preserving their contemporary edge.

‘Sube El Nivel’ has already left an indelible mark on the Latin music landscape, serving as a rallying cry for self-improvement and revelry in life’s joys. With its magnetic chorus and irresistible groove, the song has garnered a devoted following, drawn to Vale! ULB’s ability to create music that moves both the body and the soul. With the salsa remix, the band pays homage to the rich tradition of salsa music while stamping it with their own unique style, ensuring that it resonates not only with die-hard salsa fans but also with music lovers around the globe.

Produced by the masterful Mayito Aracil, the ‘Sube El Nivel’ salsa remix introduces a kaleidoscope of sound, blending the fiery passion of salsa with Vale! ULB’s modern sensibilities. The addition of blaring horns and pulsating live drums injects new life into the track, inviting listeners to surrender to its infectious rhythm and let their inhibitions melt away on the dance floor.

To dive deeper into the world of Vale!ULB and stay updated on their latest releases, fans are encouraged to visit and follow them on Instagram. From the pulsating rhythms of salsa to the infectious energy of their original track, Vale! ULB promises a musical experience like no other—one that celebrates tradition while embracing the future with open arms. So, what are you waiting for? Let the music move you, and ‘Sube El Nivel’ with Vale! ULB and Juan Mario “Mayito” Aracil.

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