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Lewis Edwards Shares New Indie R&B Gem “If I Couldn’t”



Lewis Edwards, the UK rising star has just unleashed his latest banger, “If I Couldn’t”, and it’s about to take your ears on a wild ride! Released on May 3rd, this track takes listeners on a soulful rollercoaster of emotion that’ll have you hitting repeat before you know it.

“If I Couldn’t” is like a musical cocktail – shaken, not stirred – blending indie R&B with a pop twist that’ll make you hit repeat countless times. Teaming up with his musical partner-in-crime, Moneo, Lewis crafted a minimalist masterpiece that’s as catchy as it is heartfelt. Picture delicate piano, gentle guitar strums, and percussion that’ll make your heart skip a beat – it’s the perfect backdrop for Edwards’ soulful lyrics and electrifying vocals.

“I wanted this song to hit you right in the feels,” says Lewis Edwards. “It’s been a labor of love, taking two whole years to perfect!”

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the song, Edwards shares, “I was going through a testing time being a new father and not feeling like I could be there for friends and family like I used to be as I have a new family I need to care and provide for. The song is about reminding those who I can’t always be in contact with or see them as much as I used to when I didn’t have commitments, a music career i’m pursuing, that I care just as much as I always have and that ‘If I Coudn’t’ be that for you I hope you find it somehow, whether through another person,  yourself or other avenues.”


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Ol’ June drops the captivating new love song, “ALONE”.




R&B artist Ol’ June is releasing a new song titled “ALONE,” poised to ignite passion in couples’ bedrooms everywhere. Known for previous tracks like “Violets,” “Cruisin,” “Perfect Recipe,” and the hit “I Tried,Ol’ June has established a reputation for delivering soulful and emotive music through Powerblast Worldwide. He also showcased his signature vintage vocals on the spiritual collaboration “Everywhere” with fellow Cincinnati artist Blakk North.

This year, Ol’ June has been captivating audiences with live performances across the Midwest and has plans to expand his shows to other regions. His latest single, “ALONE,” stands out with its sensual, sincere, and warm vocal delivery, expressing deep yearning and devotion to his lover. The song’s subtle beat and music arrangement create a euphoric experience, seeping into the listener’s soul and subconscious.

ALONE” is produced and mixed by the renowned Miami-based producer and artist Gino Black. The track features a lush guitar accompaniment by Trent Becknell, with additional chords by Antione Franklin. Guided by Ol’ June‘s vision, Gino Black has crafted an exquisite mix that delights the ears. With “ALONE,” Ol’ June has undoubtedly created a hit that will resonate with fans and new listeners alike.

ALONE” will be available on all music streaming services on July 8th!

Follow Ol’ June at: @OlJuneMusic and @PowerblastWorldwide

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