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ODO Shares New EP ‘The less we are, the more I am’



Hailing from Belgium, ODO is a youthful, dynamic rock trio that is well-known for their excellent, inventive rock, and exciting live performances.

One of ODO’s greatest moments was their performance at Gentse Feesten in the summer of last year, capping the Trefpunt stage with an incredible display. They opened for PJDS at an AB Club that was packed, and they dominated stages such as Hindu Nights, Charlatan, Theatre Aan Zee, and Ville En Vert. With their performance, the band already caught the interest of reviewers and music enthusiasts. The monthly magazine HUMO even named them among the most promising bands of 2023.

The band’s performances have already captured the attention of music enthusiasts and critics, earning them recognition as one of the most promising bands of 2023 in the weekly magazine HUMO. ODO has received enthusiastic praise and found its place in several Spotify playlists alongside tracks by DIRK., Black Box Revelation, and Ramkot.

Returning with their highly-anticipated debut EP, The less we are, the more I am, their vibrant sounds showcase their high-quality music on the collection of seven tracks that provide listeners with a raw and emotional experience. The tracks explore themes of loss, love, struggle, and grief via a heartbreaking blend of high-intensity rock anthems and soul-stirring acoustic ballads. 

The band collaborated in their studio and practice space for two years while creating the EP. Their discography reflects their creative and boundless mindset, as they move between genres with unparalleled ease and adaptability with elements of indie-pop, indie-rock, pop rock, hard rock, and pop punk. Filled with enchanting melodies and engaging instrumentation, this mesmerising collection of songs will transport listeners into a realm of captivating soundscapes.

ODO’s enthusiastic rock sound has captured fans’ attention since the release of the EP. Every note reflects their love for music and dedication to their craft, leaving listeners excitedly anticipating the next exciting chapter in their captivating musical journey.

‘Oh My Mind’ is a song built on an infectious, straightforward, guitar riff, with contemplative lyrics about needing help and the fear of asking for it.

‘What A Life’ is a high-energy rock song about love, time distance, and the feeling of longing for someone you can’t keep close to. With a captivating guitar riff ending in an explosive solo.

‘Pretend’ is a heartfelt semi-acoustic pop song about heartbreak and the constant fear of losing someone, feeling like it is no one’s fault but your own.

‘How About You’ is a short, fast-paced song with punk influencers, about a struggle to keep someone close and not lose one another in conflict.

‘Fire’ is a classic love-driven rock song. It describes emotions recognizable to all. The song has a slow build-up and culminates in an epic guitar solo.

‘Long Way Down’ is a classic rock song with a catchy riff that draws you in from the first second. It is about a relationship on the rocks and the hopelessness that comes with it.

‘One Last Time’ is an ode to everyone we miss and would love to hold again. It’s an emotional rollercoaster with a recognizable chorus that you can instantly sing along to.

On the release, ODO comments, “It’s about the complexity of being young, love, loss, joy, and disaster”.

ODO are paving their way into the music scene with their promising sound. For more updates on them, please visit their social media and streaming platforms.

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Michele Ducci releases ‘You Lay The Path By Walking On It’



“You Lay the Path by Walking on It” is the second single from former M+A and Santii member Michele Ducci’s debut solo album, “SIVE”. It’s a bright, uplifting pop song with a bouncy chorus that sticks in the brain: “The path is walking on me while I’m walking on it, while I’m walking on it.”

About the inspiration for the song, Michele says, “This is one of the first songs I wrote after a long period of no longer touching a musical instrument. I was walking around and whistling the theme that had suddenly come to my mind. As I walked, I thought that often, when we have an event or trip, we spend so much time anticipating it that when it arrives we can feel disappointed. We have waited so long for it that as soon as it has been reached, it seems swept away in a second like a face traced on the sand and blown away by the wind. As in Kafka’s “The Next Village” story you feel in a situation where it seems that not even a whole life can be enough to get to the nearest village.

Then, continuing to walk and whistle and forgetting that I had to go somewhere, I realized that it is never a question of getting somewhere but of making the path by walking on it. From the start it was an unknown child who sang while walking and I found myself singing with him, serenely whistling like the confidence of the flowers that bloom every spring. “So nice, so blind”.

The album will be released on 7th June on CD in a colour printed card wallet as well as digitally. Pre-order CD here:

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