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Pastor Jason Nelson Expresses His Aspiration for Creating His Fifth Gospel Album Titled “The Answer” [WATCH INTERVIEW]



Jena Green

Pastor Jason Nelson sat down with UMEEKTV correspondent KrystleStyles Wednesday afternoon to talk about his fifth studio album “The Answer” which is available online and in stores. Pastor Nelson was open about the pros and cons in the making of “The Answer” and what sets this album apart from the previous albums. Pastor Nelson discussed the features to whom he would love to collaborate with when the time is right. To find out Pastor Nelson thoughts on Gospel rap, to Snoop Dog joining the genre, and being a family man, click the video below to check out the full interview. Pastor Nelson held a private listening session Wednesday night at ASCAP Atlanta to hear thoughts on his new album which was far from a short stop. You can follow Pastor Jason Nelson on all social media handles @pastorjnelson

Chart-topping recording artist Jason Nelson creates a vital album with his signature gifts of song that fans love, with the release of his latest album The Answer (RCA Inspiration), out now.  From his opening track performance of the unforgettable Andraé Crouch song, “Jesus Is The Answer,” to the closing song, “The Answer,” Jason Nelson produces a motivating blueprint to bring messages of hope, strength, and comfort, in navigating through life’s unpredictable journey, any pain, or uncertain times. 


With faith in God’s everlasting love and power to provide constant guidance and protection, the album’s fourteen tracks fuel listeners with the invigorating energy of live worship, in a combination of songs performed live to a packed crowd as well as studio tracks.  Led by the live hit single “Forever,” and songs such as “You’ve Got Me” (feat. Maranda Curtis), “Never Go A Day,” “In the Room,” “Captured My Heart,” “Faith For That” (feat. Jonathan Nelson), and more, Jason Nelson continues to unveil and celebrate the gifts of Jesus, as the source to turn to for any need.       

 Special thanks to RCA Inspiration for providing UMEEKTV with Pastor Jason Nelson breakdown of The Answer.

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“The Hendrixxx: Setting the Music World Ablaze with ‘T.R.E 2 TRE BABY'”



The Hendrixxx is seriously talented and has been making waves in the music scene. His album “T.R.E 2 TRE BABY” is a true masterpiece that showcases his unique style and captivating lyrics.

The Hendrixxx is not your average artist. He’s super dedicated to his craft and is involved in every aspect of his music. From writing the lyrics to producing the beats, he puts his heart and soul into every track.

T.R.E 2 TRE BABY” is a game-changer. It’s filled with catchy hooks, killer beats, and thought-provoking lyrics. The album takes you on a journey through The Hendrixxx’s life, with each song telling a different story. From love and heartbreak to personal struggles and triumphs, he bares it all in his music.

One thing that sets The Hendrixxx apart is his connection with his fans. He’s super active on social media and always makes an effort to engage with his followers. He genuinely cares about his fans and wants to make sure they feel heard and appreciated. It’s this personal touch that really makes him stand out.

The Hendrixxx’s talent and passion shine through in every track, and I can’t wait to see what he does next.

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