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Sohodolls release punky new single ‘Mother Wouldn’t Like It’



New Sohodolls single “Mother Wouldn’t Like It” is a light-hearted punk pop atomic bomb about teenage rebellion and getting up to no good on a Friday night with your mates, with thick, driving riffs that stab and bounce with mischievous glory. Sohodolls really know how to write catchy riffs, hooks and lyrics and all are abundantly on display.

“I wrote this song with another band that I was friends with back in the noughties” says Sohodolls’ Maya Von Doll. “When their band disbanded, I asked if I could have this song and tweak it to make it Sohodolls. I’ve had it on hold for years and years but feel that now the time is right to unleash it. I wonder if the menacing guitar riff will captivate listeners the way it used to captivate me when I’d watch my friends’ band play in dodgy London venues where you’d have beer crates form the stage”, she adds.

The track continues the recent Sohodolls resurgence, after their 00s single ‘Bang Bang Bang Bang’ became an unexpected viral TikTok hit among Gen Z glitterati when Madonna posted a recording of her daughter Estere Ciccone performing her own original choreography to the track. The track rocketed up the Billboard Top 50 and is now sitting on over 200m streams across platforms with the band being inspired to reform and drop a string of tantalising new singles.

Recent Sohodolls releases like ‘Letter To My Ex (Thank You Goodbye)’ and latest single ‘What Kinda Love’ have picked up considerable press & radio attention, including airplay from Nels Hylton on Radio 1’s ‘Future Alternative’, Frank Skinner on Absolute Radio and features with highly regarded music blog Atwood Magazine.  

“Mother Wouldn’t Like It” was produced by Tough Love and Maya Von Doll and is the next slice of Sohodolls’ St. Triniansesque naughtiness to help keep some tongue in 2024’s cheek, and we “Like It!”.

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Liv Hanna Gets Vulnerable in Latest Single “Sign It on the Line”



“Sign It on the Line” is a jarring, somber piece that surely will give listeners all the feels. It is a mental health anthem through and through, and it was released this month as a tribute to Mental Health Awareness Month. The single takes a poetic and vivid deep dive into the topic of suicide. “‘Sign it on the Line’ is about reaching that final straw and finally deciding to say goodbye,” Liv Hanna explains. The song is not meant to glorify or glamorize suicide. Its purpose is to examine and dissect the subject and surrounding circumstances, and give solace to listeners that are struggling. “It’s super graphic and depressing, but still written in an anthemic way,” Liv Hanna states.

AWAL’s Liv Hanna enlisted a familiar face, rising producer PJ McGinnis (responsible for the production of Liv Hanna’s record, “Back To Hell”), to produce the guitar-led instrumental for “Sign It on the Line.” Liv Hanna’s sentimental, evocative lyrics compounded with her powerful, soul-stirring vocals make “Sign It on the Line” a beautiful tearjerker.

Follow Liv Hanna on Instagram (@livhannaaa) and TikTok (@livhannasongss).

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