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ASPEN and Liv Hanna Debut New Single “Endgame”



Matt Liebman

“Endgame” is an EDM track that is on-brand for ASPEN, but it is a style of music that hasn’t been heard from AWAL’s Liv Hanna before. However, the thought-provoking lyrics and powerful, heartfelt vocals that are typical of a Liv Hanna record are present in “Endgame.” “Endgame” balances the poignant theme with chill, Tropical House sounds.

The song details the point in a relationship when one weighs staying or leaving. “‘Endgame’ weaves a narrative of internal conflict and indecisiveness, capturing the heartache of deciding whether to stay or part ways in a relationship,” ASPEN states. Liv Hanna further explains, “‘Endgame’ highlights the emotional turmoil that often accompanies profound connections.”

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batmanka & Vintej present a fresh deep house jam: “Q Haus”



Berlin’s vibrant music scene welcomes a fresh deep house jam with “Q Haus” by batmanka & Vintej, released on viceversa.kollectiv. This track features a lively groove, warm piano chords, and a rolling bassline that together create an inviting and dynamic atmosphere perfect for both dance floors and relaxed listening.

Released by viceversa.kollectiv, a Berlin-based collective of artists and performers formed in January 2022, “Q Haus” embodies the group’s mission to create a free and open-minded party culture. The collective, known for supporting innovative and boundary-pushing music, continues to foster a vibrant and inclusive vibe for every music enthusiast.



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