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Get Ready to Dance: Sasha Carassi Drops His Electrifying EP ‘Memoria’



Buckle up because the electronic music titan himself, Sasha Carassi, is back with a bang! His latest masterpiece, the Memoria EP, is set to take over your playlists. Released under the legendary Adam Beyer’s labels, Truesoul and Drumcode Records, this EP is everything you’ve been waiting for—and more!

Let’s take a quick journey through Sasha Carassi’s stellar career. Starting as a young DJ in the bustling streets of Napoli, Italy, Sasha quickly made a name for himself. Fast forward a few years, and he’s now a global phenomenon, known for his electrifying sets and genre-blending productions. Whether it’s House, Breakbeat, Techno, or Deep House, Sasha’s got it covered!

In 2009, he launched the iconic Phobiq label, which soon became a techno-lover’s dream. Recently, he introduced us to ILINX, his latest venture that showcases his ever-evolving musical genius. Last year, Sasha wowed audiences at festivals and clubs from Mexico’s Zamna Festival to Ibiza’s Amnesia, leaving a trail of mesmerized fans in his wake.

Now, let’s talk about the star of the show—the Memoria EP. This two-track gem is Sasha Carassi at his finest.

  • ‘Memoria’: This track is a raver’s dream come true. Imagine a melody that hooks you from the first beat, layered with captivating rhythms and a spellbinding beat. It’s dramatic, it’s futuristic, and it’s everything you need to get lost on the dance floor.
  • ‘WRHS’: Here’s where Sasha takes things up a notch. With iconic drum synths, heavy distorted vocals, and a beat that commands you to move, ‘WRHS’ is a powerhouse. It’s intense, it’s immersive, and it’s going to be your new favorite track.

Sasha reflects on his journey with Adam Beyer’s labels, saying, “I share an association with Adam Beyer that goes back to 2010, when I debuted on Drumcode Records with my Hypercombo EP. I also contributed to the collaborative EP The Napoli Connection on DC a year later, and contributed the track ‘The Hard Parade’ to A-Sides Vol.3 via Drumcode in 2015 which was a huge highlight for me. My return to Beyer’s labels marks a full circle moment for me, as I’ve always had a foot in both Techno and House.

Stay tuned, stay excited, and most importantly, keep dancing! 🎶💃🕺

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Image credit: Raffaele Aquilante

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batmanka & Vintej present a fresh deep house jam: “Q Haus”



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