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Prianca RA Unleashes Dark Energy with “they think i’m the devil (threats from their devil)”



Step into the electrifying world of Prianca RA as she takes you on a thrilling journey with her latest single, “they think i’m the devil (threats from their devil)”. This track is a daring departure from Prianca RA’s usual tunes, diving headfirst into the realm of soft-rock with a soulful twist.

With influences ranging from Arctic Monkeys to XXXTENTACION and Nirvana, Prianca RA infuses “they think i’m the devil (threats from their devil)” with raw energy and introspective lyricism. Drawing from her own experiences battling inner demons, she invites listeners to explore the depths of FIRELAND alongside her, guided by the principles of Hindu philosophy and the Law of Karma.

As a Judge in the Court of Life & Death, Prianca RA delivers a powerful message, punishing wrongdoers and navigating the realms of heaven, hell, and purgatory. With a cinematic touch inspired by her love for Marvel films, the track immerses listeners in a dark and captivating musical experience, complete with haunting distortion and monstrous vibes.

“they think i’m the devil (threats from their devil)” serves as the perfect intermission before Prianca RA’s upcoming album (mark your calendars for 2025!), teasing fans with a taste of what’s to come. With her experimental sounds and fearless creativity, Prianca RA continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences worldwide.

So, buckle up and prepare to be transported to a world where darkness reigns and inner strength prevails. Prianca RA is here to challenge perceptions and ignite the fire within us all.

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Messiah Of Madness drops Big Jerm produced “Crown Royal Bag”



 Grime-Boss The Messiah Of Madness returns with a new video / new single!  “Crown Royal Bag” is some next-level horrorcore with no lyrical filter from the heartless and homicidal artist.  Most concerningly is that the artist claims some of these situations are true stories.  The animated video also reaffirms this is nobody you want to cross paths with as he disassembles opps while on a mission.  “Crown Royal Bag” was produced by “Steeltown” (aka Pittsburgh, PA) legend Big Jerm, who has also laced tracks for Mac MillerWiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg.

The track is taken from the recently released EP You Already Know (out now Dominion Hill Records).  Besides “Crown Royal Bag” the rest of the EP is self-produced by The Messiah Of Madness producer alter-ego Tone Fultz.  In this guise he is equally adept at creating the type of raucous instrumentals that made Wu-Tang and Mobb Deep touchstones of the 1990’s. 

 This is the first new Messiah Of Madness since last year’s Monstrosity LP (Global Sounds/MNRK) but prior to that was a twelve year break between 2011’s The Ordeal LP and Monstrosity.  This was mostly due to Tone Fultz keeping busy on the production side.  Some of his recent work includes “Get On Your Knees” the new single from Wu-Tang / Theodore Unit affiliate Solomon Childs.

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