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Q&A with LOH-renzo



LOH-renzo is a versatile Austrian-Nigerian rap artist based in Linz. He spent most of his early life in Lagos where he started writing poetry and music as a form of self-expression at a young age.

His music focuses on themes of self-motivation, life experiences, and how he connects to the world around him. We caught up with him following the release of his track “Menace” to learn more about his artistry, influences and aspirations.

– As an Austrian-Nigerian artist, how do you navigate the intersection of your cultural identities within your music? Are there specific influences from both cultures that you incorporate into your sound or lyrical content?

I always try to include elements of culture and heritage in my lyrics, I make references to who I am, where I’m from or how good I look. Sometimes it’s a bit of a challenge having dual identities, but influences like Santan Dave and Tobe Nwigwe help me focus more on perfecting my Hip-Hop art itself, and less on who I am as a person.

They are both of Nigerian descent but they are widely known for their creative abilities. 

– “Menace” marks a bold departure from your previous work, showcasing a more confident and assertive side of your artistry. What inspired this shift in tone and how does it reflect your personal growth as an artist?

I would say my personal growth inspired this shift in tone. “Menace” depicts patience and pride. I was patient enough to grow first and then release it after I had fully experienced the lyrics I was rapping about, and I was proud enough to not care about the “ifs and buts” , I just made it happen.

The major inspiration for the shift in tone was my new environment. Moving to Linz, Austria made me a little bit cocky, because I had the privilege of starting my personal growth all over again with no one really knowing or experiencing the older version of me. 

– “Menace” was originally recorded in 2021. Looking back, how do you feel about revisiting this track and sharing it with the world now? Has your perspective on the song evolved since its creation?

“Menace” was always planned to be a global release. It was recorded back in 2021 in a little home studio in Nigeria. I was in the midst of friends going crazy when the song was finished and I knew in that moment, that I would have to evolve as an individual and as an artist, to really fit the narrative of “Menace”. My perspective on the song never changed, but my perspective on myself constantly evolved. 

– In addition to your music career, you’re also known for your passion for fashion. How do you see your fashion aesthetic intersecting with your music, and do you draw inspiration from similar sources for both creative outlets?

Yes I draw lots of inspiration from artists that curate both. In terms of fashion and creativity, I really look up to creative artistes like Pharrell Williams, A$AP Rocky, Lil Yachty and Aminé.  

I also have a personal stylist called Mr. Gbada. We work together to always create new ways to express  the idea of “LOH-renzo“ to people. Visual aesthetics are vital to long lasting emotions. 

– Can you give us a glimpse into your creative process when crafting a song like “Menace”? From the initial concept to the final recording, what steps do you take to bring your vision to life?

My creative process involves including music in my everyday life. I think I was cleaning in my parents’ home with the “Menace“ beat playing loudly on the speakers. 

The beat triggered emotions, the emotions triggered vocal melodies, vocal melodies turned to words, and when everything came together nicely, I basically sewed the pieces together and sent the raw draft to the beat producer (Retrro) for his opinion. Then I went to his home studio to record the final version. He loved it. All my Musically inclined friends loved it too and that is how I create music till date, I always involve people in the creative process. 

– Looking ahead, what are your aspirations for the future of your music career, and what can fans expect from you beyond this new release?

I aspire to grow a strong bond with a community in Europe and Nigeria simultaneously and market my brand to the rest of the world. With a few performances already done in Linz, I also aspire to tour and perform in other major cities in Austria and neighboring countries in Europe as well. After the release of “Menace” , fans can expect an EP titled “Surgo”. 

“Menace” is a sneak peek into what the EP holds, as “Surgo“ expresses themes of Pride and Egoism, but also motivation, creativity and family. This unique Hiphop creation can be enjoyed in the form of rage anthems, motivational tracks and overall hype energy. I am really looking forward to releasing it. 


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Get Ready to Groove with Lonely Leonard’s New Album ‘BLOCKBUSTER’!



Hold onto your headphones, because Lonely Leonard is here to shake up your playlists with his electrifying debut album, ‘BLOCKBUSTER’! This Phoenix-based rapper isn’t just any artist—he’s a former porn director turned hip-hop sensation, bringing his wild, unconventional experiences straight to your ears.

‘BLOCKBUSTER’ is a 12-track rollercoaster ride through the realms of drill, EDM, and jersey club. Leonard pulls out all the stops, delivering catchy hooks and provocative raps that are guaranteed to get stuck in your head. He describes the album as “like watching a 3D movie without the glasses on”—a trippy, vibrant mix of genres and themes that paints a vivid picture of the ups and downs of fame.

Leading the charge is “I Did It”, an anthem for New Jersey that showcases Leonard’s swagger and his ability to slay a jersey club beat. Inspired by legends like Eminem, BandmanRill, and Travis Scott, Leonard mixes their powerful vibes with his own unique style. The result? A banger that’s impossible to ignore.

But wait, there’s more! the artist isn’t just making music; he’s making a difference. A portion of the profits from his merchandise sales will be donated to the AZ Access to Abortion Fund, proving that he’s got a big heart to match his big talent.

Lonely Leonard’s journey is just as impressive as his music. He records with Killroy, the mastermind behind tracks for Snoop Dogg, and gets engineering help from Fritzthaproducer, known for working with Pop Smoke. His music has already caught the attention of big names like Ebro from Apple Music and Rick Ross, setting the stage for Leonard’s meteoric rise.

So, plug in, turn up the volume, and let Lonely Leonard take you on a wild ride through his mind. This is one blockbuster you won’t want to miss!


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