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Shane Rennison Shares “What You Need To Know”



With each strum of his guitar and every heartfelt lyric, singer-songwriter Shane Rennison invites listeners into a world where vulnerability is celebrated and honesty reigns supreme.

His latest single, “What You Need To Know”, written against the backdrop of his beloved Catskills Mountains, talks about growth and self-discovery.

But Rennison’s journey extends far beyond the confines of a recording studio. It’s on stage where he truly comes alive, captivating audiences with his dynamic performances and magnetic presence. From intimate acoustic sets to high-energy rock shows, Shane Rennison leaves an indelible mark on all who have the privilege of experiencing his music live.

As he prepares to release his upcoming album, “IRRATIONAL”, Shane Rennison invites listeners to join him on a journey of exploration and transformation. With each track, he peels back the layers of his soul, inviting us to reflect on our own experiences and embrace the beauty of imperfection.


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Archie Ray Returns with New Single “End of the Line”



Cornwall’s Archie Ray kicked off the new year on a high note with “End of the Line.” “End of the Line” marks the end of his three-year hiatus. The Indie record is a radio hit in the making.

“End of the Line” is an inspirational, soothing body of work. It is a song that urges listeners to not give up and to keep striving for success. The record is the perfect comeback song as it eludes to the fact that even after not releasing music since 2021, singer-songwriter Archie Ray has been and will keep chasing his dreams. “‘End of the Line’ is a song that showcases the journey from the small town streets ‘to the next big city,’ the drive, and perseverance to do so, and wanting to take friends, family, and the audience to a positive future.” Archie Ray continues, “While the message is aiming for success and the path to getting there, the song also drives themes of home and getting older, and the vulnerability of that ‘I don’t see what you see in me, so I will go do as I’m told.'”

“End of the Line” is laced with elements of various genres of music such as Folk, Pop, and Rock. Archie Ray showcases his polished, emotive vocals within “End of the Line,” making the song very catchy and sing-along sounding. “End of the Line” serves as a prelude to his latest release, “Queen of Hearts.” Just as the lyrics within “End of the Line” suggest, Archie Ray is not done yet, and “End of the Line” is not the end of the line for the budding crooner. So, fans rejoice as Archie Ray is back for good.

Follow Archie Ray on Instagram (@archieraymusic).

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